Surveys of the Townships embraced in Belmont County, O.

copied from Records and Field Notes deposited in the office of the

Secretary of State Columbus, Ohio 1870

Books were photographed using a Samsung S7, 12 megapixel camera, and saved to a pdf format.

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Range 2
T-1 R-2 plus Cover Page and Index Maps (26 MB)
T-2 R-2 (17 MB)
T-3 R-2 (23 MB)
T-3 R-2 (19 MB)

Range 3
T-4 R-3 (64 MB)
T-5 R-3 (95 MB)
T-6 R-3 (84 MB)
T-7 R-3 (52 MB)

Range 4
T-5 R-4 (74 MB)
T-6 R-4 (116 MB)
T-7 R-4 (92 MB)
T-8 R-4 (58 MB)

Range 5
T-6 R-5 (72 MB)
T-7 R-5 (110 MB)
T-8 R-5 (105 MB)
T-9 R-5 (60 MB)

Range 6
T-7 R-6 (74 MB)
T-8 R-6 (94 MB)
T-9 R-6 (86 MB)
T-10 R-6 (51 MB)